How it works

SwapSeat allows you to swap place with other Ryanair passengers on the same flight for free!
This is like asking the next person to swap seat when you are on the plane, perfectly safe and legal.
You don't need Ryanair's permission to do that.

In the near future we will expand to other Airlines that adopt the same "seat apart unless you pay" policy.

  • First check-in on Ryanir and get the seat numbers.
  • Open, search for your flight, and insert the randomly allocated seat that you received after the online check-in.
  • Finish by inserting your email.
  • Two hours before your flight our algorithm will evaluate all the inserted seats for the flight and find possible solutions for people to seat together. This takes usually few milliseconds. :)
  • Right after our algorithm is complete, you will receive an email with your new seats.


Our algorithm's efficiency depends on how many people use SwapSeat for the same flight. The more people use it the more solutions it can find.
So please help us spread the voice by liking us on Facebook or sharing our website.

SwapSeat is completely free and ad free. If you feel like it, you can support us by sending any amount of itcoins you like at: 1HVYdAn67fAPw2BbvU81wT8TNt6EMawYBp
Thank you
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